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-absolutely all the answers

Sensational development from NEIRONEOMAGIA ™ .Neyrocards with the answer absolutely to all questions!


Sensational development from NEIRONEOMAGIA™.

Neyrocards with the answer absolutely to all questions!


Firstly, these are not playing cards, they are transformational cards. Their slogan «Answers to all questions» and really with the help of these cards you can work with afraid, anger ,meditate, help yourself in stressful situations and with complaint. After all, our biocomputer participates in the process, which, with the help of this work, is tuned to the right billow. It’s like QR code for our smartphone.

Neuron cards also work. Geometric figures on the cards play the role of a kind of QR code for our computer, without giving clear and formed images, as it happens with the Tarot Cards or the Metaphorical associative cards. The brain reacts differently to colors, images, symbols. Each person has his own set of opinion, behavior, experience in each of us is different.

In Neuroneokart we use abstract images and geometric model that do not cause the expected associations. Only white and black. Inya and Yan. The basis of the basis.

But this is not enough. And we intensified the effect hundreds of times, using the latest technologies of better reality in working with Neuroneocards. All you need is to download to your device a specially created for these maps application in Goggle Play or Appstore. And activate it when working with cards.

Special, dynamic figures, colors of the seven main power centers of man are called leading to give ANSWERS to ALL the questions.

A neurocards is your friend and helper in every life situation. The functional part of the cards is separate into two, active components that affect the course and state of the current, past and future realities. The first is, monochrome, graphic symbols, put on the area of cards. They bring a certain code, like QR codes, only for the brain. The visual image in a special way activates the inclusion of a particular channel.

The second is a dynamic, color, graphic component. Having a constant necessary to a certain graphic symbol. Activated using a special application, augmented reality.

Neocards have a wide functionality, the base of which is constantly reload as the studies and tests are carring out.

Main directions of use:

  • Identification of blocked energy centers.
  • Stabilization of the overall energy balance.
  • Openning and stabilization of each of the energy.
  • Harmonization of the main spheres of human life: approaches, finances, health.
  • Psychological skills. The development of memory. Strengthening the immune system, by increasing the level of deadly T-lymphocytes
  • Recreational and calming effects by lowering the level of cortisol in the blood, which reduces stress and improves mood.
  • Activates the work of all brain systems by improving peripheral vision and stimulating the production of the neurotransmitter receptor acetylcholine.
  • Prevention and support in the action of certain diseases.
  • Neurogenesis.
  • Activation and stabilization of the zones responsible for the financial condition, relations, health.
  • Forecasting future events.
  • Change of painful events of the past.
  • Introducing probability series.
  • Requires success.
  • Mental protection. Defend.
  • The perceived impact on the future series of probability events.



What you get by choosing Neironeocards ™

  • Block of original Neuroneocards (36 cards + box)

  • Delivery of the block of cards Neironeocards to any point of Eurasia, international, DHL Postal Service (delivery to Africa, America, Australia is negotiated separately)

  • Special activation of the unit to work with them, which approve the protective hologram

  • Instruction for use in electronic form (printed and video instructions)

  • A link to a specially developed application for working with Neuroneocards for Android and iOS.

  • Individual, nominal, registration number for each block with indication to the earlyes.


Absolutely all Answers! Neironeocards™

A Neurocards is your companion and helper in any situation. On the job, on a journey, in the mountains, on the ocean. In the cabin of the aircraft, at home or anywhere else … use Neuron cards for study, any states, fun, meditation, answer to any question.

This is a wonderful, unusual and without equel gift in the world for your family and friends.

Neironeocards ™ is always with you and ready to help you. A special application specially developed for Neuroneocards does not need an internet connection after downloading from Google play or the App Store.

You can pay through the buy button, in a convenient way for you, including payment by cards, through the terminal, by electronic money, etc , or use the payment through PayPal.

The cost of  NeiroNEOcards™

144 €.

(You can pay for your get through PayPal for all countries of Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

You can pay for your get through PayPal for all countries of Europe.

144 Евро.

You can pay by PayPal for USA, UK, Ireland, Scotland.

180 Евро.

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